Jan 28, 2009

Update Update Read ALL about it!

We have a busy couple of weeks coming up.

Alexis has about 4 performances in a 2 weeks time frame, with 3 practices a week at dance.

Hunter has started his soccer season. So with a practice a week and a game that adds to our busy schedule.

Tate, he's my only one with nothing to do!

Jaycie has a few Dr' appointments and a couple home health nurse visits.

Myself? I have my 6 weeks post partum (WHAT? just because its 11 weeks post partum) visit and I have to go to Occ. Health to get ready to go back to work. I have less than 2 weeks left at home. I AM nervous about going back to work, with how sleeping goes when coming home. BUT we will get into a good groove and it will all work out!

Matt is busy at work. His company is feeling the economic situation (arent we all) so that has him a bit stressed out. We just pray it all goes smooth until everyone makes it over the this financial mountain!
I leave you with a ... Grainy cell phone picture of Hunter at his first day of practice

Jan 17, 2009

Thats it Mom... Im outa here...

Jan 4, 2009

Interesting tidbit you may not know...

All of the kids have a family name in their name.

Alexis Rayann Elizabeth (Alexis after my mom Alixe, Rayann is Matts middle name Ray and my middle name Ann, Elizabeth is after my aunt Rosida ( Alexis's due date was my aunts birthday)

Hunter Matthew ( Matthew after Daddy)

Tate Andrew ( Andrew is for my middle name Ann)

Jaycie Aspen Danielle ( Danielle is after Matts dad Dan)

Jan 3, 2009

Family of 6!

Our 4th baby came home yesterday. Jaycie Aspen Danielle. Matt and I couldnt be happier to have all 4 of our babies under one roof.

We need to get a family photo and a new banner on the top of this page... Ill be working on it!!