Jul 22, 2007

Take me out to the ball game...

* Dont mind the bad pick... my dad is no way shape or form a photograhper*

Matt and I had our first date in awhile... I mean a long while... Id say since before Tate was born. It was by chance that we even got the day off together. With my dads special hook ups and got tickets and my Mother in laws loving heart to watch the kids, Matt and I went to a Diamond backs game. Ive gone to one, one other time at it was cool to see the ball park but this time it was nice to watch the game. I had a blast with Matt. We dropped the kids off at about 5:40 and we had a great time being young and flirty... then at about 9pm... I started missing the kids so we skipped out on the game early and picked them up at about 10pm. But we had a blast!

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