Feb 26, 2009

Day at the Park!

5 of our kids! From Left to Right (Blake (2), Alexis (4), Hunter (3), Braden (3), Tate (2)

My Nephews! Braden and Blaker

The BOYS! 2 year olds on Left 3 year olds on Right!

Feb 8, 2009

Amazing Jakes

We went to Amazing Jakes today with Aunt Cassie and Leigh. Here are the highlights!
Alexis wanting to pose before leaving! Matt took Tate on the horses because he was to short to ride the tea cups... without an adult and we just finished eating and none of us were up to it!

The tea cups! The kids always love them!

Hunter on the train
Alexis on the trainTate on the train

Aunt Cassie and Alexis on the FROG Hopper!

We went to Amazing Jakes with Aunt Cassie and Leigh today. Here are some pictures of that event!

Feb 1, 2009

Together we are like Peanut butter and Jelly!

I dont think words can express how MUCH I love my husband. He is my partner, he is my right hand man, he picks me up when I am down, He makes me laugh when I am stressed, he holds me when I am scared, he kisses me when I feel unloved, when Im grasping for straws he already has one in his back pocket... You get the idea?

He has been great with Jaycie. I know its his 4th baby and it should be second nature to him, But being an over protective mommy I still worried. No worrying needed! I go back to work next week and Im not nervous about leaving her with Matt at all! I know he'll be good with her. I am however nervous about going back to work and the lack of sleep Im gonna get working nights! Wish me luck there!

Back to my husband...