Sep 14, 2008

Our Update...

There really isnt much to report. Everyone is doing well. Ive been getting excited for our newest edition. Alexis asks everyday when we can go to the Dr. to have her baby sister be taken out. Hunter seems to think shes gonna come out similar to where Tate is now. You know...walking, talking, playing with him baby. Tate just enjoys kissing my belly everyday.

Matt has been working hard as usual. Im so proud of him. He really is a great husband. Althought he is gone at work 60+ hours a week at work. He still makes time to go to Hunter's practices and games. Helps with taking Alexis to practice. And of course wrestles with Mr. Copper Top (Tate). He is a great supportive husband and an even better DADDY! My MIL and FIL did a great job with him.

Me? Well I am feeling good. Im 22 weeks pregnant and it seems to be flying by. Although I know I am only a little more than half way done. I want to be prepared a little early since Tate made his appearance early.

Until Next Time

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Alaina said...

love the new layout =) Glad to hear everyone is doing well. How offten have you been working?