Nov 23, 2008

What are we up too?

The kids are adjusting well with me leaving them everyday. I try hard to either have Matt or me here. But somedays they get to spend with grandparents or aunt and uncle. I think they like that too!

Alexis asks all about Jaycie since she got to saw her. Asks if she still has this on or that on, she is a very smart girl.

Hunter asks when we can take her home. I tell him after we clean the WHOLE HOUSE.... baseboards and fans and... I just keep going and he says awwwwww man. HAHA Its a good way to get his mind off it!

Tate... Knows shes not in my stomache anymore. He will touch my stomache and say Jaycie at? and pretend to go look for her "jaycie are you??". I show him pictures and he says "There you are"

Ive been driving back and forth everyday. On good days I get there quickly... on a day I get bad news it seems I cant get there quick enough.

Matt is going to go see her again tonight after work or possibly tomorrow morning before work... Im not exactly sure.

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