Dec 26, 2008


Christmas started for us on Christmas Eve. We went over to Grandma and Grandpas were we spent the night with them and Gram. We let the kids play in dirt piles and on the Bumble Bee Ride (A yellow quad that Tate thinks is bumble bee the transformer), We had dinner and dessert and the kids got to open ONE present a peice that night. They made some cookies for Santa and left them out with a glass of milk (with ice of course so it didnt go bad per Alexis). It was a fun night and we had a really YUMMY dinner.

The morning of Christmas the kids woke up to find Santa indeed did eat the cookies. He also left them some pretty big surprises! They tore through the gifts and wanted to play with everything in site. They went outside for a little bit to ride their new bikes and Power Wheels Jeep. Of course we allowed a 2 year old behind the wheel and he went straight for the house (Grandpa says "Thats why they put a bumper on it").

In the midst of all the Choas we all got to take a few min (including kids) to say Merry Christmas to Grandma Great! (Grandpas Mom). SIDE NOTE: Hi Jeannie I hope you had a great Merry Christmas the rest the day! We all hope your New Year is Bright! We love you!! or as Tate and Hunter would say "We YUV you"!

The kids then laid down for a nap (Alright... so did I) to rest up before heading over to Amma and Papa's. We got to visit with Amma and Papa and Josh and Dawn and the cousins. We had a wonderful dinner that reminded me of G.G. (My grandma on my mothers side). The kids behaved well and waited paitently to TEAR through the gifts.

The kids got more then they wanted and were taken care of this year. The only thing we would change? To have Jaycie in my arms while watching the Choas of the day!

I did go visit Jaycie in the evening to get some snuggle time in.

NOW ON with the NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!


** Pictures to be edited in later **

1 Extra Bubble baths:

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