May 17, 2009

6 months!

6 months ago if you would have told me I was going to have my baby today... I would have never believed it. Jaycie is doing well and no one can tell she was premature. She looks like her adjusted age at 4 months and is doing well for everything she has endured.

Jaycie is 12lbs something right now (we have her actual 6 month appointment tomorrow)
Jaycie is so close to sitting up... but not quite there. She loves constant attention and isnt a self intertainer at all ( she had enough of that the 7 weeks in the NICU). She enjoys watching her brothers and sister and although can become frustrated with them quickly she still likes the entertainment she gets from them.

She is nursing full time unless I am at work and she is getting her fortified breast milk (breast milk with added calories). About a month ago she wasnt doing well with "regular" fluids but we tried it this past week (pedialyte,water ect.) and she can now drink the "thin" liquids without any problems, which makes me happy. She gets very excited when she sees her medicine dropper coming her way (Zantac)

She is rolling from back to tummy now which makes her feel proud!

Her nicknames are "the baby" (hunter), Jaycer (Matt and I), Jaycie baby Dani girl (Grandma).

2 Extra Bubble baths:

The Husted's said...

Happy 6 months baby girl!!

katiesmomma said...

colton has refulx too it is sooo bad!!