May 23, 2009

Big Red

So kiss a little longer, hold hands a little longer, hold tight a little longer. Longer with Big Red.

Name- Tate
Age- 2 1/2
Hair- Red (Orange)
Weight- 30.8 lbs (just weighed him)
Favorite Color- Orange (I just asked him)
Favorite breakfast food- Cereal, If we make another breakfast food he will continue to ask for cereal for every other meal until he gets it (even if its for breakfast the next morning)
Favorite show/movie- Diego or Dora
Favorite superhero- Spiderman or Hulk or Bumblebee
Favorite drink- vanilla milk
Favorite food- FRUIT
Lovey- Zeebie the Zebra
Favorite past time- playing with his brother and sister
Odds and Ends- Tate likes sleeping with someone. If he isnt in my bed he is in sissys bed or trying to get into Hunters bed. He has a great vocabulary. If mommy is LESS than happy with him he makes sure to add a "I love you mom".

Yes that is my sweet, lovable, TATER! I definetly kiss him a little longer and I hold his hands a little longer and I will always hold a little tighter... with MY BIG RED!

1 Extra Bubble baths:

Alaina said...

spitting image of Hunter!