Sep 17, 2009

Jaycie is 10 months old!

Jaycie turned 10 months. She was 15lbs 5oz and 25 inches long. She still has a baldy head and no teethers!

No one ever told Jaycie she was a preemie and born 9 weeks to soon. She is crawling and sitting and pulling herself to stand and standing unassisted. She is saying mama and dada... errr oh kay just saying dada and mama is more like... a scream but I know who she is calling when she screams... ME! Thats right MAMA!

Healthwise Jaycie is doing good. She doesnt have a follow up on her Kidney reflux until next month but she is still taking her daily antibiotic and we havent had any symptoms so... We are thinking its keeping UTI's at bay. She still cant tolerate baby foods. Breastmilk, formula fine... but her tummy doesnt agree with foods. We are giving her until 9 months adjusted (next month) and then we are going to see a GI specialist about it. She has BHS (breath holding spells) where she gets hurt, frustrated, sad ect ect. Lets out a cry and holds her breath turns blue/gray/white and sometimes passes out and comes around but sleeps for about 10-15 mins after. We are just starting to look deeper into this to make sure its nothing cardiac because she does have a cardiac issue history... we will see!

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