Jul 22, 2007

And the Thunder rolls.....

Weve had a busy week. Doing what? Not much out of the norm really. At work my unit (oncology) is closed down right now for remodeling, It has the whole summer and will continue until about September. They have us "FLOAT" until then. This means I see all areas of the hospital. Which is fun because you see and learn so much but stressful because of the different expectations and diferent details of the patients in general. FUN FUN!

Matts workng hard at Circuit City. You know he turns 22 next month. Now while I joke with him and poke fun calling him "OLD MAN" Lets be real. HES YOUNG! Hes accompolished and done so much in his first quarter of life :)

Matt and I get every other Tuesday and Wednesday off together. This is allowed because my mother in law Nancy helps us out that week so I can work on Friday on Matts work day. SO this past Tuesday and Wednesday the family GOT OUT. Now dont forget we are in AZ so... getting OUT is hard to do. We went to Ikea, got pictures, painted a kitchen, and enjoyed each others company. OH AND WAIT till I show you some pictures!

The kids are great. Alexis is in dance and we try constantly to figure out what to put Hunter in. Everything at age 2 really consists of MOMMY and ME sports and while I would love to have that one on one time with Hunter.... I cant. Matts and my schedule dont allow me to leave the other two kids at home with him so I can take Hunter somewhere. So we will wait until he's three. We have looked into Soccer, gymnastics, hockey, tee ball, ect. All of these are mommy and me until 3. But you bet once hes three we will introduce him to all :) Hes so good with sports aspect and has strength and a body like a gymnast really... We arent sure WHICH he'll choose.

Well until next time!

OH BTW the title of the post comes from the week full of storms we have had :)

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