Jul 17, 2007

The 5 of us.

We are in knee deep to our AZ summer. AND BOY IS IT HOT! We have been keeping busy by doing lots of indoor activites. Now with toddlers that CAN be hard, but they manage. Since this is a new blog let me give an update on the family.

Matt- His company (Circuit City) recently did some lay offs and he was transfered to Tucson. Now while we are glad he wasnt laid off.... a 120 round trip drive isnt what we wanted either. However he is making the best of it because he is getting training to be a Store Director. Now He is only 21 years old so thats a big accomplishment! Besides work he keeps busy with the family. We love him!

Me- Earlier this year I went to school to become a CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant) I got a job at Scottsdale Osborn (You may know it as Scottsdale memorial). Now it is a 55 mile drive one way but I did this for a number of reasons. ONE because what motivated me to start school at the time I did was the death of my Grandmother, who was a nurse at Scottsdale memorial. And TWO I got a job in the oncology unit. I love it there. I work nights, which isnt bad at all. I feel I dont miss out on a lot of the kids life while working when they are sleeping :) I was going to attend Nursing school in September but am putting that on hold until Sept 2008 and the kids are a little older. I am however going back to school to become a PCT (Patient Care Tech) which is the same thing just has more certifications to do things in the hospital. My GOAL is do eventually be a labor and delivery nurse! Besides work I keep busy with the kids. I love being a mom and couldnt ask for a better gift! I am truely blessed.

Alexis- What can I say about her. She is my Spunky 3 year old. She is very smart and has a great memory. You cant tell her something without following threw. She goes to dance class on Wednesday nights and had her first dance recital this past June. She has a blast doing it. She took swim classes this summer with AMMA and PAPA (My parents) and enjoyed that as well. She loves being a big sister to Hunter and Tate and helps mommy out when needed.

Hunter- He is my sweet 2 year old boy. He is a very cautious kids. He is very slow to start things but once he gets the hang of it he does great. This summer he WOULD NOT get in the pool he would hang out on the cool deck for hours while we swam. And he was fine with that. Once he decided to get in he hangs out at the steps. He still wont get IN IN the pool without hanging onto someones hand but hes getting better. He is a VERY energetic two year old and is "ALL BOY"

Tate- Oh my baby Tate. He is 9 months old and a chunker. He pulls himself up on the couch to standing and will let go for moments at a time. He is currently taking two or three steps then falling on his butt. I want this process of learning to walk take as long as needed because he is my last baby and I want to enjoy EVERY minute of it. He loves giving mama kisses and his smiles lights up a room.

With this update getting so long Ill wrap it up! Thanks for reading!

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