Aug 5, 2007

Where has time gone?

Well Matts on vacation from work so we have been getting alot accomplished. Have we done anything "FUN" yet... NO. However I have a clean house :) Hes gone away tonight with my dad to go Jet Skiing. He'll have fun. When he comes back we will have 4-5 days left of his vacation. And a day of that will be filled with Yardwork and Garage. So Ill have the other 3 or so... and we will go do a family outing and then one will be a Matt and I night. My mother in law is so kind to watch the kids.

Tate is taking more and more steps... Soon he will be "my toddlin toddler" Which of course I have mixed emotions about. Matt and I are ready to get out of the baby stage (since weve been there 3 years now) and ready to watch the children grow... and then you look into his (Tates) eyes and its hard to see him grow. He just turned 10 months old the other day... I honestly dont know where TIME has gone! Hes just such a sweet baby and good natured!

Hunter is getting big himself This past month his vocabulary has EXPLODED! He went pee pee in the potty the other day and we are going to work on potty training this week. I think he may be ready.

Alexis is my artist. She has gone from making lines a few months ago to writing her name and drawing people and trucks and trees and spiders and... well you get the point. She is doing awesome. Id really like to put her in a preschool as soon as finances allow it.

Well the kids are up from nap which means my blogging is done... Thanks for checking in!

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