Aug 13, 2007

Whats on the agenda?

Matt has returned to work and the routine begins again. I took the week off with Matt while he was on vacation and we did a little of this and a little of that. NOTHING too fun. I had LOTS I wanted to do but nothing really got accomplished. Matt got to go jet skiing with my dad and they went Sun/Mon and hit up three lakes. I guess two grown men sleeping in the cab of a truck in the AZ summer during mosquito season ISNT a good idea (think if your windows are down you are bitten up if they are up... you are dying of heat) But they had a blast and cant wait to go again. We also got a few projects done around the house. Other than that we enjoyed each other and had great family time together.

Towards the end of his vacation Matts mom came to watch the kids at night so we could go out. She was spending the night so we could stay out as late as wanted... we had the night to ourselves. How wonderful... TWO dates in a year let alone a MONTH! So... we still had a few things I wanted to do... maybe you know FUN stuff. So first we go to dinner. After dinner we werent really sure WHAT next to do. I said there wasnt really any movies I wanted to see at the time... that and I really DONT enjoy movie theaters. We left to go to dinner at 5pm and was finished by 6:30. After we decided to go bowling but I needed socks so we went to Target. SHOPPING without KIDS? OMG I havent done that in YEARS! Well we got socks and left. Bowling here we come... 3 games later we were tired... sore and... tired. It was 7:50pm so we went to JAMBA juice to try to get a "KICK" Well... we were home by 9pm... and you have to understand that driving To and From home takes an hour each way. So we were gone 5-9 (4 hours) 2 of which are driving... hahah. Yeah we are old! But we had fun!

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