Aug 19, 2007

One fish. Two fish. Red fish. Alexis fish?

This week was a busy one. HA! Arent they all? I have something to share. Alexis. We went swimming over at moms and dads and we took her life vest off and she SWAM! I mean she kept her head above water she did good. I THOUGHT it was a fluke so a few days later we went again. She SWAM again. Keeping her head above water and being like a fish. She tires easy but is doing GREAT! She was proud of herself! We were proud of her to.

1 Extra Bubble baths:

Alaina said...

wow thats awesome....yeah Alexis! =) You'll have to take video of it and post it...thats a huge milestone! =)
I also want to say I love the design of this site...the pic of the kids are so cute you have such a lovely family! I hope I am as lucky as you one day =)