Nov 8, 2007

Its been TOO LONG!

I cant beleive its been almost 3 months since I posted an update. Life has been hecktic in a FUN WAY.

Alexis started preschool and is doing so well. She loves all the crafts and friends. She is so independent and doesnt even look back when I drop her off. She is very helpful around the house with chores.

Hunter is potty trained and we love only having ONE in diapers. He thinks because hes potty trained he should be in preschool too. I told him next year! :) He starts soccer in January and is excited for that.

Tate turned ONE! I know my baby... My little baby boy! He is now 13 months old. I can remember it like yesterday holding my little preemie baby in my hands (oh kay so his size never matched up to being a preemie) He is a sweet little baby!

Matt started a new job at Staples. The drive to Tucson was just TOO Much on us. Circuit City wasnt giving Matt what he deserves. So he is now at Staples and loving it.

Me? Oh Me... I am good. I still get my bubble baths once a month... (maybe once every two months whos counting) I get mutliple kisses everyday from my babies and luver-boy. What else could I ask for!

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