Nov 12, 2007

How time flys...

Doesnt everyone say this? Time flys. But.... IT REALLYS DOES. The older I get the quicker life is going by. We just celebrated Tates 1st birthday and now he is 13 1/2 months old. Its almost Thanksgiving... GOODNESS. Alexis has her first School pictures tomorrow. Uhhhh what? Talk about OLD! I REALLY REALLY need to put some pictures up. Actually that'll be my mission tomorrow... PICTURES! You'll see

1 Extra Bubble baths:

Jen & Curt said...

Hey Kristi, Thanks for always leaving comments on my blog and saying hi. I can only assume how you found out about my blog. ;) How are you doing? Your kiddos look darling and I bet you are just loving every minute of mommyhood. It truly is the greatest blessing to be a mother. It is such an honor and a privledge to get to take care of these precious little people while they are entrusted in our care. I'm so grateful for my little Cache. He is Soooo sweet!!
Well, when did you get married and what are the ages of all your little ones? Do you still live in AZ? Fill me in on the details. Take care of your sweet family!!