Dec 4, 2007

Its the most wonderful time of the YEAR

Well the family is good! Matt is at his permanent store for the time being so thats good. We will see how it goes. So far he describes work at Staples "Better Quality of Life" because of the better hours... the way they treat the management and the fact he sees us.

I am slacking on the Christmas decorating. I really need to start. Ive just been.... yeah you guessed it BUSY! Its a good busy tho you know. We are signing Hunter up for some clinics (Soccer, T-ball, Basketball) Then between Alexis' school and dance... well... you have to fit work in there and when you get the chance you sleep. So life IS busy.

I picked up an extra shift last night... Im trying to save up for a Christmas present for Matt. EVERY year we are tight around Christmas so Every year Matt and I tell each other not to get anything for us. BUT this year... I gotta surprise that boy... He works so hard and never complains and is such a great dad and a great husband... I cant wait to get him something he'll love.

Now what youv'e all been waiting for... PICTURES (in the REAL pics... they are cropped and centered)

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