Jun 23, 2008

Alexis wanted to try out for the dance team at her dance studio. "Dynamite Express" or her group specifically "SNAPCAPS". The team is consisted of approximately 100 dancers from ages 5-17. Although Alexis is 4 years old she still tryed-out. After a week of dance camp and learning various routines. Saturday came to try-out day. She thought of it as a special day. She wore a cute dance outfit, got some makeup on, got her hair done in curlers. She was excited. She tryed-out and wouldnt find out until Sunday. Sunday comes... and I go see if she made it. Well... there her name rested on the list... ALEXIS ROBERTSON... a snapcap. She was so excited. She was like IM A SNAPCAP! IM A SNAPCAP! Shes excited. The dance team will do various performances around the State and chances to go out of state. She is so excited. The pictures of her are the day of Try-outs.

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