Jul 3, 2008

Hunter got to go to his FIRST MLB Game today. THE DIAMONDBACKS! My parents (Amma & Papa) got tickets a neighbor wasnt using. 5th row. Mom and Dad took Hunter and Braden. Hunter was so excited, we got him a Diamondback hat and a little outfit to wear. He had a good time. He got to get Baxter the Bobcats signature. Here a few pictures from the day. BTW... Hunters in the Red.

2 Extra Bubble baths:

cj said...

hey Kristina, I don't know how often you check in to your blog... would you mind leaving your email address for me on my blog?? let me know. thanks.

cj said...

i have 3 friends already having babies, dec./jan. and 2 so far are girls. :) i thought you were done having babies... what do i know! :) congrats on your 4th, your babies/kiddos are adorable. i'm flattered you would like one of my quilts. actually, to be honest, i'm quite surprised. :) i'd love to create one for you, can you post your email address on my blog?? i'll erase it once i get it! thanks!