Jan 3, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Happy NEW YEAR! Twenty Ten! Sounds weird doesnt it? Last year was a great year for us and we hope to be blessed and have this year be another great year for us.

Christmas was great for us. We went to the Husted family for Christmas eve and we loved seeing everyone. Rob and Angie did a great job. Christmas morning Grandma and Grandpa and Gram came over and Matt made us a breakfast. All the kids opened there presents and had a blast. Christmas afternoon we went over to my parents house to get a little bit of time for visiting and opening gifts. Josh and Dawn and the boys were there and it was great. Christmas day was a little rushed because I wanted to make sure I got a nap. This year was my Christmas to work at work. I had someone take my Christmas eve shift and who would know.. I got canceled on Christmas night. YAY! Now to worry about xmas again in 3 years.

Matt and I got to go on a date New years eve. We went to a dinner and movie. It was really nice being able to go out with the kids. We dont do it often and its a special treat. (Maybe every 2 years).

We got Jaycies Journey blog put into a book from We got it and love it. It will be great to look back at in future years.

Happy New Year again!!!

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