Feb 25, 2010

WHOA where has the year gone already?

I have been wanting to to update but I have gotten so far behind when I come to type it up Im at a loss for words.

January was a busy/stressful month. My MIL was in the hospital with life threating diagnosis. Dont worry she is home and healthy now. We dont have to worry about her leaving us. My mom had to do a topical chemo on pre cancerous cells on her face. Hunter started preschool. Jaycie had a surgery scheduled for her kidneys and then canceled because well... the most up to date VCUG showed no signs of reflux.

Febuary was a much better turn around. With things looking up for my MIL and my mom. Hunter enjoying preschool and Alexis doing great in dance. We attened a few performances Alexis put on at halftime shows with her dance group. Of course there were some down sides like the WHOLE house being sick. Ear infections for the whole house and Jaycie being on her 4th... or 5th? Ear infection she got the go for tube placement and adenoid removal and then something fell through with insurance and the surgery center it was scheduled at... we have to REschedule it at my hospital!

With March right around the corner we are looking forward to spring. With spring it brings on Hunters bday and Alexis' bday and zoo trips and wonder weather... EVEN if spring in AZ last only a short time.

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