Jan 3, 2008

New Year New Goals

Every year before the first day of school since about juinor high. I would get my stuff ready and tell myself this year WOULD BE DIFFERENT. I would tell myself I will study this long and turn in all my assignements and be a better student. Ill keep my trapper keeper (remember those hahaha) / binder organized and I would make good grades. Evey year of course... it was the same thing. Im only human. I was never a better student I was just ME. Im unorganized, I made grades to get to the next year, I thought of school as social time. But that NEVER stopped me from making making a goal every year. Even if I never met it.
Thats kind of how a New Years resolution is isnt it? Every year we vow its a new begining, Things are gonna change. And they rarely do. BUT that doesnt stop us from a goal/ NY resolution. And it shouldnt.
This year... I feel I want to change so much in my life... its crazy. I cant stop thinking of goals to add to my new years resolution. Here they are
- Read a book every night for bed time to the kids (that I am home and not at work)
- Eat more organic food
- Eat way less fast food
- Be more organized (house, bills, car)
- Go on one date night every two months at least (this is better than the ONE date night Matt and I had all year)
- Blog more on the family blog ( )
- Bring my camera with me more to take pics of the kids
Whats your New Year Goal?

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